You Don't Create WEALTH Simply by "Owning" Real Estate - It's Got to be at the Right Time and the Right Place

How to make money with HousingAlerts?

"Buying" real estate is the easy part - all it takes is some cash, a willingness to go in debt or someone willing to extend financing or give you control of the property. 

Lots of investors are bankrupt today because they focused on the wrong thing - "buying" property.
They should have focused on the “when" and "where" - not the 'how."

That has never been truer than in today's 'volatile" markets.

Real estate WEALTH comes from leverage and **appreciation** (not 'ownership' or monthly cash flow). 
We don't know how much actual net equity you have in those properties at the moment, but if property values decline, so will your equity. If they decline far enough, you’ll face very serious issues.
You've spent a great deal of  time, energy and money buying and managing those properties... but it doesn't sound like you've invested much energy on the most critical element of the entire real estate investing process... are you in the right market at the right time?
HousingAlerts allows you to confidently and quickly answer that most important question. 
Even though it only costs a couple dollars per market to enroll, and less than 25 cents/market per month to maintain,  it's the most important investment you can make as a real estate investor. 

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