House Value Finder

We’ve just rolled out a new tool for PRO members that’s taken more than 10 years to perfect!

It’s unprecedented in the REI industry for 3 main reasons:

  • you can now find the median home value for any county, zip code, or neighborhood, with the click of a mouse. 
  • you can now find the lowest cost properties in HOT appreciating markets.
  • you can now price your deals better than competing investors in any market. 

1) Find The Median Home Value For Any County, Zip Code, or Market Instantly

Have you ever wanted to find the median home value of a county or zip code before? How about a specific neighborhood?It’s now possible with a simple click of the mouse, anywhere in the entire United States with our House Value Finder tool! 

Investors often calculate the median home value of a county or zip code because they can get a baseline pricing index for deals in any given market… but now they can even find median home values for specific neighborhoods!

This means you’ll know exactly what homes should be selling for, before you decide to invest.

2) Uncover Low Cost Properties In Hot Appreciating Markets

When we created the House Value Finder tool, we were fully expecting to see what we already knew- that lower cost homes (as a whole) are cheap because they’re in crummy markets.

We were right, but what we found is that there’s some markets that have BOTH low prices, yet are still in HOT appreciating markets!

This information is a Gold Mine for investors… especially those that like to target lower-cost markets.

With this new tool, you can now easily find LOW COST properties in HOT APPRECIATING markets, nationwide.

3) Price Your Deals Better Than The Competition 

If you’re currently having a hard time finding good deals in your marketplace, it’s probably not because there aren't any good deals to be had.

There’s plenty of good deals, as long as you know how to price them.For example, if you use a 35% discount rate as a baseline for investing, you have to first understand everything that’s going on with the micro market before you can decide if that discount makes sense or not. In crummier markets where you’ll have trouble unloading your properties... you’re taking on greater risk. Therefore, you should try and acquire properties in crummier markets at a greater discount than the 35% example. On the flip side- if you’re targeting properties in HOT markets, you can accept less of a discount in order to land your deals because your property will have a greater chance to appreciate (which is why you may see other investors scooping up deals in your area with less of a discount than you’ve been taught to be acceptable).You’ve probably been led to believe that the discount rate is static, and can be used across all markets.

This is categorically false.

For crummier markets, you should consider getting more of a discount because you’re taking on more risk.

For better markets, you can take less of a discount because you’re taking on less risk.

Here’s an example table that shows how you can use the Hot Market Score to price your deals:

In this example, the Hot Market Score on the right is providing an indication of what the discount rate on the left should be. Note: This table is not a hard-and-fast rule. It’s simply showing you an example of how you can use the Hot Market Score along with the House Value Finder to make certain you’re getting enough reward for the amount of risk you’re taking on the property you’re investing in. 

Here’s how to access and use the House Value Finder tool:

#1) If you’re a PRO account user, jump into your membership dashboard and access your tools. Select the House Value Finder tool.

#2) Select county, Zip Code, or Neighborhood depending on how granular you want to drill down.

#3) You can change the sort based on population size using the radio buttons on the left side to include larger population sizes or smaller sizes.

4) You can sort the list by any criteria you want. We’ve decided to sort by Median Home Values in the image below, showing us the lower values first.

#5) Once we’ve sorted by Median Home Values, a handful of ‘gems’ show up in the Hot Market Score column. See below:

The Markets in positions 1, 6, 13, 14, and 18 all have good or great Hot Market Scores, while at the same time being some of the cheapest markets in the country!

Those markets are your goldmines!  Why?

Because you can now target the lowest cost properties in the US that are in HOT and thriving markets! This is unprecedented because you don’t need to compile heaps of data to uncover the most attractive investment markets for low-cost investors… we’ve done it all for you!

If you’re a HousingAlerts member and would like to upgrade to a PRO account, you can contact Customer Support at (800) 210-0667 to upgrade your account today!

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