Hot Market Finder - Training Videos

Here are some videos using the Hot Market Finder tool. These videos can be found in the Education and Tutorial section of the Membership Dashboard. 

  • The 1st video is the ‘ Top 25 Markets’ in the US. 
We review the Top 25 Markets that are showing strong momentum and growth potential right now. There are some pretty interesting things going on in some new States that haven’t been in the ‘Top 25’ before! You can see it by clicking the link below. 

25 Real Estate Investing Markets to Watch in 2019

  • The 2nd video is the NEXT ‘Top 25 Markets’ in the US.
Our first ‘Top 25’ video received such a warm reception, so we decided to record a follow-up to our first video. You’ll be surprised to see some of these new markets entering in the list of the country’s best markets. Click the link below to check it out!

25 MORE Real Estate Investing Markets to Watch in 2019

  • In our 3rd video we use the same Hot Market Finder tool… just in reverse!
We turn the tables on the Master Score to show us bottom-to-top in order to identify the WORST markets in the US right now. 
There’s even a market that had previously been one of our HOT markets, and is now moving down to the bottom of the pack. 
PLUS one particular state that is showing some peculiar signals across the board. 
Click the link below to check out the 3rd video!

25 WORST Real Estate Investing Markets to Avoid in 2019

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