What exactly is a Wealth Phase?

Simply put, Real Estate “Wealth Phases” are when you can make the most money with the least amount of effort, capital and risk.

This is because:

1) Real Estate values/prices are appreciating, and

2) Appreciating markets are VIBRANT; there are more buyers and sellers, deals are easier to do, real estate is (temporarily) more ‘liquid.’

Real Estate is Cyclical. All real estate prices rise and fall over time. These cycles occur at the LOCAL (city) level. EVERY local market is different. (There is no such thing as a “National” real estate market, only an average of hundreds of divergent local markets.)

At any given time, there are local markets in different parts of the cycle. It’s common to see local markets with double-digit annual appreciation while other markets are in steep decline. Increasingly, we’re seeing red hot, high appreciation markets in proximity to declining or crashing markets.

San Diego, California Wealth Phases 1985-2018- Inflation Adjusted Annual Home Price Appreciation Chart

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